the sleeper

"A cloudy sliver platter that soon turned into a sunny day."

— Richard Brautigan, The Weather in San Francisco

Standing on the bank watching the water roll by the river bends and then bends again. The current swift and fast, slow and steady, all that is now is soon to be the past all that is now flowing towards the future. Traces, sedimentary layers, how the river moves forms the spaces left behind and the locations that exist up around the bend following the rivers run.

Water is a portal within a horizon, a flowing energy flickering in its movement in the light, in the wind. The endless horizon of the ocean and the river disappearing around the bend creates allowance for the viewer to imagine a path to another place. Here there is also a visual understanding, an awareness of being just at one moment along the way, seeing that it comes from and goes to somewhere else. Watching the light move across the water, watching all the ripples touch and change each other's energy/form/path, all flowing forward together. Water is a teacher. A cage is a window. A blocker is an obstacle. A cloud rolls across the sky and the silvery shadow water below shifts to glimmering gold. The river only moves forward.

Ryan Fabel